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ChatAlert bannerChatAlert! - the world's first real time chat protection that analyses your children's instant messaging, chat room and web chat text conversations, instantly alerts you of potential dangers (including approaches from paedophiles and online predators) and allows you to take immediate action using email or your mobile phone at anytime - whether you're at work, shopping or even overseas!

Integrating the latest in algorithm technology with patent pending language tools, ChatAlert! identifies even the most subtle approaches from paedophiles and online predators by continuously analysing chat room and instant messaging communications. It works with all text based chat programs including MSN, AOL and Yahoo instant messaging programs, as well as online chat rooms.

Alert and Respond
When a potentially dangerous conversation is detected, you are instantly sent an alert by email and/or SMS text message and invited to respond by simply replying to the alert with A, B or C - Alert the child to the threat, Break the conversation by closing the offending program or Close down their computer. Replying to the alert can be done from anywhere you can send and receive SMS text messages, or can send and receive emails.

Your response to a possible threat is your choice - A, B or C - it's that simple. With ChatAlert!, you are back in control and are able to make decisions to help protect your child from online predators and paedophiles.

Real time monitoring
Anywhere, anytime
Automated protection
Threat levels
Easy to setup and use
On screen warnings to your child
Customisable alerts and warnings
Premium notifications

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